2019 New Years Renovations!

The tradition of New Years “Resolutions” just doesn’t feel like the vocabulary that works for me this trip around the sun… To “resolve” is to decide, determine, and declare an intention using willpower…it doesn’t really imply any further action steps, which could be why the vast majority of us drop off the NYResolution bandwagon within a few short days or weeks. I’m inviting you to consider twisting your kaleidoscope just a teeny tiny bit to the word RENOVATIONS as a possible alternative this year. Making that simple change has really rearranged my thinking and my confidence in creating what I truly deserve to experience over the next 365 days..

Most likely this epiphany happened over the course of physically renovating several homes this year. I’m talking about the kind of projects where you rip out the carpets, the toilets, the cabinetry, the mirrors…the kind of projects that have your entire body filthy and aching at the end of each day…the kind that forms blisters and callouses and activates new muscles you didn’t know you had…the kind that sometimes brought tears and frustration and overwhelm and felt like JUST TOO MUCH to ever handle and get through to completion. The kind where you burn your clothes afterwards because they are too disgusting to ever really get clean again.

I did THREE of those massive renovation projects in 2018. I honestly amazed myself with my ability to clearly see what was possible…but guess what – it involved getting rid of ALOT of shit. I say that word, because literally in all three homes there had been multiple unsupervised and untrained animals allowed to do their “business” whenever and wherever they pleased. Yes, that’s nasty and unacceptable and hard to imagine unless you saw it with your own eyes (yes, I have pictures but I’m choosing not to share and have you focus on what you DO NOT WANT MORE OF IN YOUR LIFE!!!)

So, today, as we start a brand spanking shiny new year full of potential and possibility, I am offering a few questions for you to consider, just in case your life is a bit of a Fixer Upper and not yet picture perfect…

Are you starting with a pristine, fresh, pure and spotless-as-the-snow- outside-my-window-right- now canvas and your only “job” is to splash your favorite colors on the walls, furnish, enhance, and accentuate the positive in your life? Well, THAT would be groovy and a blast…but I suspect that you might just have some “shit” to dispose of and remove from your life – I know I SURE DO!

Before we can create the life we deserve and imagine and dream about, we have to be willing to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work…yes? It’s not fun, and it certainly isn’t easy, but I’m here to PROMISE YOU that it is so very worth it. YOU are worth it. YOU are the most important “project” you’ll ever take on!

So, today, as you picture what your life will look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, sound like on January 1st, 2020. Go ahead and get VIVID with your pictures – be as detailed as possible. You can never hold in your hands what you cannot hold in your mind. If you see it clearly, and believe it’s worth going through WHATEVER IT TAKES to create your new reality, you won’t give up partway there.

You know what made all three of these projects tolerable to complete? Bringing in my CREW! Who is on your Renovation Crew? Do you have one or more close enough friends that will roll up their sleeves and scrub your LIFE with you? Who loves you enough to hold the dustpan while you sweep out what no longer serves you – help you drag that load to the dumpster – and then dance the FREEDOM DANCE with you??? Who is honest enough to point out what isn’t working, even if you didn’t notice?

Here’s the VIP big huge question: Do you have the proper tools and the skillset to take Project YOU on? Being equipped to do the work makes ALL the difference. I am happy to recommend what HAS worked and IS working for me. Unless your life is absolutely perfect and you don’t want to change a single thing…one of the best resources you can possibly make available to you is a team of experts on speed dial! If you have never installed a toilet and sink before, wouldn’t you at the very least call a plumber you know and ask for some guidance? I certainly HOPE SO!

Here in Colorado there was a large housing development with multi-million dollar homes that literally cracked in half within a year of being built…OOPS! It was determined that the contractor had not tested the soil properly. If he had realized there was such a high percentage of bentonite, he would have used a different plan and the cracking/splitting would not have occurred. Wow. Real estate is one of the most valuable assets a person can own, no doubt about it. But your one and only life has SO much more value! If you look at 2019 as the Foundation Year (thanks to my brilliant son Alex who has chosen that as his word for 2019) and make SURE you are solid in every corner of your life, just imagine what you can then build going forward….your life can be as big and bold and amazing as a skyscraper…but it all starts with getting your foundation set properly!

Take a “before” picture of your life as it is right now – you won’t even recognize it this time next year! You can start one “room” at a time. I’m hoping you don’t need to take your life all the way down to the foundation level, but if so, LET’S DO IT and build what we truly love and can enjoy and share for the rest of our lives…Let’s leave a legacy for our children’s children and beyond…you know why? Because YOU deserve that epic of a life story.

5 thoughts on “2019 New Years Renovations!

  1. What a great way to push thru the “shit” and look beyond the dirty clothes while stepping on up to grand and glorious renovations. Love this post at the start of 2019! Thank you. Love your blog too!


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